Baby’s resemblance to parents


Explain these results: “Of the mothers who commented on the baby's resemblance to one of the parents, 81 percent indicated that the baby was more similar to the father.” ‘Subjects [in an experiment where they were shown pictures of three adults and the child of one of them] correctly matched one-year-old children with their actual fathers 49.2 percent of the time.... In contrast, subjects were not able to correctly match one-year-olds with their biological mothers at a rate greater than chance’ (David Buss, Evolutionary Psychology)”. (David Friedman, at\_quotes\_of\_the\_week.htm, accessed April 10, 2004).


It makes more sense for humans to have evolved baby’s resemblanceto fathers than to mothers to solve the problem of paternal uncertaintyand promote responsible fatherhood, given that there is littleuncertainty with respect to motherhood.

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