Face to face versus its alternatives


Examine and compare the properties of different communications techniques in the context of the “cheating detection” emphasized by Evolutionary Psychology, including: personal interviews versus telephone conversations and teleconference, mail versus e-mail, scientific papers versus seminars, radio versus television, classes versus online teaching, oral versus written examinations, Laurence Oliver versus Actors Studio’s stars such as Dustin Hoffman.


“Facial expressions are useful only if they are hard to fake. As a matter of fact, they are hard to fake… Some great actors, like Laurence Oliver, are highly coordinated athletes who have doggedly learned to control every muscle. Others learn method acting, inspired by Konstantin Stanislavky, in which actors make themselves feel an emotion by remembering or imagining a charged experience, and the expression pops on the face reflexively” (Pinker, 1997, p. 415).

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