Materials for the course Current Topics in Business Policy.



  • Course grades are based on (1) attendance and real participation in class discussions (35%) and (2) the individual contribution to the team project (65%).
  • Active class attendance is an integral part of the course. The first absence of each student will not be taken into account, but no exceptions will be made—including sport and employment activities. Given the design of the course, students are strongly encouraged not to join late.
  • In order to not interrupt classes, students shall abstain from entering classrooms once classes have begun. Cellphones must be silenced and laptops and similar devices turned off.
  • Deadline for the final version of the report: TBA, 23:59. Both versions must be sent by email to

Planning 2022

CTBP Planning 2023 NOTICE on seminars venue (2023): Keep in mind that seminars will meet in room 40.S01 except those on April 25, 2023, that will meet in room 40.105 (seminars 101 and 102) and room 40.113 (seminar 103).