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Populists manipulate the worst human instincts but their story is made credible by intellectuals who preach an incessant flow of Manichean critiques
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Mandatory Full-Cost Pricing in Public Services: How to Apply the ‘Fantask’ Sentence

Arruñada, Benito (2001), “Mandatory Full-Cost Pricing in Public Services: How to Apply the ‘Fantask’ Sentence,” European Journal of Law and Economics, 11(3), 281-307.
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The sentence issued by the Court of Justice in the ‘Fantask’ Case defined what sort of policies can be adopted by the Member States in connection with the fees for company registration without contravening the stipulations of Community legislation on raising capital. This article analyses how to set prices that comply with the sentence and at the same time generate efficient incentives. It first reviews to what extent the sentence meets the aims on which it is based. Second, it provides a guide for subsequent development of related jurisprudence. Third, it throws some light on how public authorities can set pricing policies.