Benito Arruñada - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Liberalizing the Spanish labor market is not just a matter of efficiency but of fairness
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How 'Doing Business' Jeopardizes Institutional Reform

Arruñada, Benito (2008), “How Doing Business Jeopardises Institutional Reform,” European Business Organization Law Review, 10(4), 555-74.
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  Simplifying business formalisation and eliminating outdated formalities is often a good way of improving the institutional environment for firms. Unfortunately, the World Bank's Doing Business project is harming such policies by promoting a reform agenda that gives them priority even in countries lacking functional business registers, so that the reformed registers keep producing valueless information, but faster. Its methodology also promotes biased measurements that impede proper consideration of the essential tradeoffs in the design of formalisation institutions. If Doing Business is to stop jeopardising its true objectives and contribute positively to scientific progress, institutional reform and economic development, then its aims, governance and methodology need to change.