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La Economía es útil para desempeñar puestos de analista empresarial, pero contraproducente para el directivo si interfiere con sus habilidades sociales innatas.
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Cursos de licenciatura
Economic Organizations, Institutions and Markets (EOM/EIM)

Temas Actuales de Política de Empresa

Cursos de posgrado
Organizations and Markets

Economic Analysis of Business Law

Introduction to Law and Economics

Introduction to Law and Economics
Before the PhD students in law and economics start their coursework, this course provides them a first flavor of what the discipline is about and what its current topics are. It aims to raise students’ interest and give them an idea as to where law and economics comes from and where it is heading. Its contents emphasize treatment of methodological and institutional issues in the intersection of law and economics. Classes are based on cases and discussions.
Benito Arruñada